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April 3, 2017
Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas – Royal Caribbean international

Harmony of the Seas is the biggest and most fun-filled cruise ship in the world. The many features of the ship keep passengers entertained all day and night because the ship never sleeps!

Adventure-seeking passengers will enjoy the three water slides on deck which have been accurately named ‘The Perfect Storm’. Other than that there is rock climbing, surfing the waves on the two simulators, an ice skating rink and a zipline pole. And how can we forget The Ultimate Abyss? The 10-story slide drops people down a ride of twists and turns accompanied by flashing lights and loud noises. For passengers who are looking to just relax and lounge can lay by the three pools, get a relaxing massage at the spa, venture in to the Solarium space exclusively for adults or listen to some live music.

To guide the passengers through the myriad of activities the ship introduced the “neighborhood” concept which has been borrowed by its identical twin Oasis of the Seas. This involves similar activities being grouped into an individual neighborhood. Harmony of the Seas has seven neighborhoods, namely the Central Park, an amusement park Boardwalk, a shopping, dining and dancing center called the Royal Promenade, a comedy, jazz and performance theatre called the Entertainment Place, the Youth Palace for kids, Vitality Sea Spa and Wellness Center, and a Sports Zone with the swimming pool and other physical activates.

The idea is to reduce the flow of traffic and get people to revisit the areas they love. People find the neighborhoods they love from the variety of activities offered and with 5,497 passengers on board, one is never alone. The ship is always bustling but during treacherous weather the wonderful outdoors are left deserted. The massive size of the ship makes you forget you are actually on a ship especially when you’re at the Royal Promenade which feels like an actual resort. You cannot even feel the waves, a blessing for those are likely to get seasick.

Whether it’s the cabin, entertainment or dining options, Harmony of the Seas offers a long list of choices. Even the lower deck cabins have tasteful décor and a comfortable design with plenty of storage and leg space. The entertainment can vary from small-scale musicians with acoustic guitars to dazzling productions such as “Grease”.  The restaurants serve fast food, multi-course meals and gourmet food. Most of the restaurants have satisfactory quality of food but the restaurants that cost extra are obviously good. If you feel like splurging then we recommend the 120 Park Avenue for an all-inclusive wining and dining experience.

For children there are a number of facilities that keep them occupied for hours. The programs are entertaining and fun including a DreamWorks movie night. Parents can accompany their children in these centers or leave them there with the capable supervisors and head off on a date.

The service is either a hit or a miss. Some venues have impeccable hosts and staff while others are rude and indifferent to guests. The guest service desk is usually crowded and requires a long waiting time before complaints are heard either in person or on the phone.

The Ultimate Abyss slide is the most popular venue on the Harmony of the Seas and it is an accurate representation of the cruise ship. The innovative, exciting, fun and bright ship is not for everyone but people who are looking for an energized resort will surely enjoy travelling on this vessel.

In conclusion, to enjoy this ship you need to be aware of certain problems that come with traveling on a ship of this size.  The pool areas are not large enough to accommodate over 5000 people.  You must get a pool chair extremely early in the morning.  The pool staff is not going to be that helpful with finding you a chair.  As far as dining goes, if you are not eating at your scheduled time in the dining room and are opting for a specialty restaurant, you’re going to be waiting in line for 30-40 minutes even if you have a reservation.  Most reservations should be made online before you even board the ship, that includes shore excursions and most importantly paying for Internet access.  It can be very costly to get your wifi after boarding the ship.  The deals for wifi access online can save you quite a bit, not to mention saving you time from waiting in long lines.  Book your show reservations ahead so that you are able to see all the entertainment the ship has to offer.  If you follow these tips, you can make your stay on the Harmony of the Seas stress free and more enjoyable.

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