Cape Cod 4th of July Fireworks – Top Things to Check Out

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June 28, 2017
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Cape Cod 4th of July Fireworks

Cape Cod 4th of July Fireworks Where in the world would you rather be on the 4th of July.

Cape Cod 4th of July Fireworks

Cape Cod 4th of July Fireworks are the best in the country. The celebration of Independence Day in Cape Cod is simply the most stunning and spectacular event you will ever witness anywhere. The fireworks are only complemented by barbeques, band concerts, and amazing parades that mark the celebration of the day when America attained independence.

Did you know that Massachusetts was the first state in the US to recognize the Independence Day as a holiday? Naturally, the people of Cape Cod are very proud of their nearly two and a half century old tradition, which they express with a breathtaking display of fireworks. But, fireworks on Cape Cod are not the only thing you can enjoy here. There is so much to see, experience, and enjoy that you will need more than a week to soak it all in. That’s why, we are bringing you our choicest picks of what more you can do while you are here to enjoy Cape Cod fireworks.

Tribal Powwow

Tribal Powwow celebrates the unique culture and traditions of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe. The event draws visitors from all over the world. It is attended by Native Americans and the Americans to honor the ancestors that lived in the country.

The festivities of Powwow are marked by dance performances, tribal drumming, Native American cuisine and handicrafts, musical performances, and spiritual activities. In fact, the most magnificent aspect of the celebration is the Fireball Game. The game is quite similar to soccer, except for the ball which is fire-lit in this case. The ball is not only kicked, but also carried, making it one of the most extreme and thrilling experiences for the spectators as well as the players.

Sandwich Boat Parade

This is one of the events which you can not only enjoy as a spectator, but also as a participant. The Sandwich Boat Parade witnesses participants adorning their small boats and canoes with impressive decorations. In fact, the participants let their creativity run wild by using a variety of ways to illuminate paper lanterns with candles. These boats are paraded for the spectators and the judges from the Recreation Department and Recreation Committee, who select the winners for the evening. This is one of the most unique experiences you can get anywhere, and it’ll surely make your Cape Cod July 4th experience a memorable one.

Trivia time – did you know when the Sandwich Boat Parade began? It was in the 1800s. That’s some tradition!

Brewster Summer Arts & Crafts Festival

If you love to cherish your fun memories by taking souvenirs and collectibles from the places you visit, then Brewster Summer Arts & Crafts Festival is a must for you. The admission is absolutely free, which means that you can go there whenever you want and as many times as you want. You will find the exhibitor displaying a range of items such as handcrafted jewelry, pottery, glass and wood works, pet items, artwork, gourmet food items, and much more. Needless to say, your problem will not be finding something you like, but to decide what to buy amongst all of the fantastic items before you.

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