Is The Royal Caribbean Drink Package Coupons for You?

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Royal Caribbean Drink Package Coupons

A Look at Royal Caribbean Drink Package

Royal Caribbean Drink Package Coupons

When looking at the Royal Caribbean drink package coupon, many wonder if the royal Caribbean beverage package is for them or not. The Royal Caribbean drink package discount allows guests a chance to save money on drinks, simply by paying a fixed daily price.

Here you will not just learn about the different Royal Caribbean drink packages, but we will also inform you what the packages include, and if they are worth it. The tips and opinions we are offering, are based on first hand experiences, so you know exactly what you are getting into.

Before we get into how much it will cost you, and how much you will save lets take a look at a few basic details. For those of you who are not familiar with the Royal Caribbean drink package, then it is a package offered by the Royal Caribbean ships, so guests can budget their drinks before they start their trip. The drink packages Royal Caribbean offer unlimited drinks, that guests can either have at the restaurant, or the bar, along with private destinations.

Individuals who are looking to purchase the Royal Caribbean beverage package can do so either on the cruise, or prior to the trip. Once you have purchased the plan, you need to pay for the entire trip. If you take it on once, your cruise has started, you will be paying for the night that are left.

The Drink Packages Royal Caribbean

Before you go ahead and choose a Royal Caribbean discount drink package, there are a few things you should consider. For instance, how many drinks can you consume per day? There are some who can easily drink 5 to 6 drinks per day, while others might only be able to manage 3 to 4 drinks on a cruise. Once you have determined the number of drinks you can move on to the Royal Caribbean drink package coupons.

Note: these packages do not include mini bar items, canned sodas, Evian water, bottled juice, specialty beers, souvenir glassware, or beverages classified as premium. In addition, you must keep in mind that these drink packages only offer unlimited number of drinks that are mentioned in the purchased package.

1.The Refreshment Package – it contains all non-alcoholic beverages that are offered onboard. This is a great package for people who love teas, coffee, and juices. The package includes

– Premium teas and coffees

– Bottled sparkling and still water

– Freshly squeezed orange juice

– Cocktails that do not include any alcohol

– Sodas / Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages

– It includes a Coca-Cola souvenir cup

The price per night for this package is $26/ per guest (exc. gratuity)

2.Classic Soda Package – this is also known as the soda card, and is super popular with kids, and young adults. The package includes:

– Fountain soda can be refilled at any venue-

– The Coca-Cola souvenir cup is included

– Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages

The per night price per package is $8.50/ per guest (exc. gratuity)

3.The Deluxe Beverage Package – this is the only alcohol package offered under the Royal Caribbean drink package coupon. In this package you can enjoy the best of both worlds, as guests will be able to indulge in both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. The package includes:

– Beer

– Cocktails, liqueurs, spirits

– Wine glasses

1.Cocktails without alcohol

2.Premium teas and coffees

3.Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages, and found sodas

– A free Coca-Cola souvenir cup

– Bottled sparkling and still water

1.Fresh juices

2.A 40% discount on wines that are under $100

3.A 20% discount on wines that are over $100

– Alcohol drinks charging up to $12 are added

The per night price per package varies from ship to ship. To give you a rough estimate, we would say it can cost anywhere from $44 to $52/ per guest. If you purchase the deluxe package onboard then it will cost you about $65/per guest for the night.

Is a Royal Caribbean Drink Package Worth It?

Now, that you understand what the Royal Caribbean drink package coupons are, what they include it is time to decide if the Royal Caribbean drink packages are worth it, or not. Here are a few pros and cons you should consider before you settle on a decision.

– Pro – if your timings are right and you are booking your Royal Caribbean drink package coupon, then you can enjoy a 20% off on your package.

– Con – there is just one alcohol package, the other two are for young adults, and kids.

– Pro – the Royal Caribbean drink package coupons are easy to use throughout the trip, as you can order drinks right till the last minute.

– Con – the package does not include all non alcoholic drinks. There is a set bar for $12, and drinks that are under $12 are free. In addition, you get a 40% discount on wines that cost less than $100, and 20% on wines that cost more than $100.

– Pro – the drinking packages are designed keeping in mind other individuals, rather than simply focusing on alcoholic beverages.

– Con – you are only able to order one drink at a time, and once you have finished with it, then you can order another one.

– Pro – the Royal Caribbean drink package coupons work on the cruises private islands, and you can continue to enjoy your free drinks.

– Con – you can only purchase the package if you are willing to pay upfront for the entire trip.

– Pro – it is not necessary that every individual in your room needs a drink package.

Once you have gone through all the details mentioned above, now you have all the information you need to make a well educated decision. So think about how much you will be able to drink, and how much will it cost you if you do not take on a Royal Caribbean drink package coupon. As this is the only way to ensure that you will be able to save money. Otherwise, if you or your kids are not going to take full advantage of the package, there is no use in wasting so much money on the Royal Caribbean drink package coupon.

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